How Cohen & Fitch Can Help You Win Your Drug Case?

August 30, 2021

Being charged with a criminal case is anyone’s worst nightmare. If you find yourself charged with criminal drug possession, whether you were dealing on purpose, or you’ve been framed, the consequences can be devastating for you. Criminal possession is a charge in New York that has to be proven to be upheld in a court of law.

By law, to be charged with criminal possession, one must have the item with both ‘control and intent’. Meaning, that if you have been charged with drug possession, the law enforcers must have found the substance on you, and also you must be aware of its presence or known to have sought them purposely. Even if you think that drugs are implanted on you, it’s actually the latter part of the situation where things go downhill. This is the part where a seasoned criminal defense lawyer can save your ship from sinking.

Cohen & Fitch LLP is a reputed criminal defense law firm, with years of experience under their belt of fighting and winning multiple criminal cases. So, if you find yourself in a pickle that you may or may not have thrown yourself in, remember to not waste a second and consult the best. We recommend hiring a lawyer the moment you post bail as you don’t want to waste any time before your indictment.

At Cohen & Fitch LLP, our team gets to work immediately when you hire us starting by closely examining the whole criminal case you’re being charged with and guiding you about the process along the way. Our tried and tested strategy begins with cross-examination of the circumstances leading to your arrest. It is common knowledge that the prosecution always builds the strongest case when it comes to narcotics. However, it is also common that most cases are based on circumstantial evidence which once proven, can be dropped in court. Apart from that, search and seizure without a warrant become illegal. Thus, the evidence procured without a warrant has to be dismissed and the charges soon follow.

Even if the search and seizure were conducted with probable cause and warrant, Cohen & Fitch LLP lawyers can then contest the chain of custody. This is the step where first-time offenders can be saved from serious criminal penalties. The chain of custody from police evidence rooms and the lab analysis against the prosecutor’s temperament of the evidence is often a cause of dismissal of the evidence. Hence, the jury and the judge decide to drop the charges as well.

Even if you were framed or the drugs have been implanted, there are other approaches that your criminal defense attorney can pursue to prove your innocence, like entrapment, or planted evidence, etc. Therefore, Cohen & Fitch LLP is the team that you want to entrust your fight for innocence with. So, if you or your loved one has been charged with a criminal case, schedule an appointment with our team of lawyers.