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You might be under the impression that the end of a trial is the end of a case, however, this is not always true. When a verdict is announced in court, one or even both parties may want to make an appeal. Both partial and full appeals can be made in most cases. People who have been convicted of a crime might want to initiate a re-trial as a result of any wrongful decisions made by the jury or the lower courts. During an appeal, the court will check to verify if or how a mistake was made during your original hearing. After that, the following steps will be taken:

  • The appeals court does not initiate any inquiry or collection of evidence from its end.
  • The appeals court will then make use of any records available in order to look into the matter and ascertain any possible discrepancies involved in your case.
  • This process is also done to help verify or check for any mistakes that may have been made by the lower courts.
  • The records are ultimately reviewed by the higher authorities in the form of transcripts.
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An appeal can ultimately be described as the process of taking a trial case to a higher authority. The process involves escalating the case to a higher court for advanced review. An appellate attorney is one who guides clients in putting forward a strong case and arguments during the appeals process. If you’ve been unsatisfied by the court’s decision on your case, call Cohen & Fitch LLP for an appeal today at 212-374-9115. Our experienced attorneys will be happy to assist you.

What is the role of appellate law?

Appellate law pertains to the secondary review of evidence to check for discrepancies. The convicted party might not be happy with the final decision of the court, and thus, may file for an appeal in a higher court. Only significant cases are escalated to the appellate court. For this purpose, it is essential to hire an appellate lawyer who has years of experience in dealing with these types of cases.

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At Cohen & Fitch, we have the best attorneys in the industry along with the knowledge, and resources to deal with any and all appellate law cases. Our lawyers possess decades of experience representing cases pertaining to civil rights, criminal offenses, and appellate law. If you are looking for an attorney to make an appeal on your behalf, contact us immediately. Get in touch with our expert lawyers today at 212-374-9115.

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