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Unfortunately, our society is not immune to the abuse the power by those in positions of authority. This is can be painfully true whether it is dealing with police on the street or with situations and people at the workplace. At Cohen & Fitch LLP, our mission is to protect against the perversion of justice in all contexts. While many people know that they have constitutional rights that are meant to protect them from such abuses of authority, few understand how to properly enforce those rights. The sad fact for many is that power structures that exist in the criminal justice and employment context can be intimidating and discouraging to most individuals.

At Cohen & Fitch LLP we bring over 15 years of trial experience fighting for and defending the civil rights of abused, underprivileged and disenfranchised individuals. We understand the limits of lawful police conduct and the line between inappropriate and illegal behavior in the workplace and will fight vigorously to get you the results you deserve.

Any attorney can win a strong case, but the best attorneys are measured by the success they have achieved in difficult cases. At Cohen & Fitch LLP our track record of success is not filled with “slam dunks,” but rather in cases where the odds were stacked against us. This is type of litigation team you deserve when your constitutional rights are at stake. Don’t settle for less!

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