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Employment Discrimination Lawyers New York City

Unfortunately, employee discrimination is still very prevalent in the workplace. It comes in many forms and affects individuals that the law recognizes as protected classes. The attorneys at Cohen & Fitch LLP are familiar with Federal, State, and local laws that apply to all forms of bias, whether it is race-based, age-related, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or as a result of a disability.

Employment Discrimination Lawyers
Employers are not only responsible for directly discriminating against their employees but can also be liable if they fail to curb misconduct involving discrimination by other employees. Our firm has had years of experience dealing with cases in both Federal and State courts. We are also very familiar with filing Equal Employment Opportunity (EEOC) complaints, which in many instances are a precondition to filing an Employment discrimination lawsuit. Employment Litigation Lawyers at Cohen & Fitch LLP can handle these concerns with the sensitivity and passion they deserve.

Race Discrimination Lawyers

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as well as state and local laws, prohibits racial bias in all New York City workplaces. It comes in all forms, whether it is denying someone a promotion or making racial comments. This pernicious type of bias does not need to be tolerated in the workplace. In addition, if an employer refuses to hire or even interview an applicant as a result of their race, that applicant can file a lawsuit regarding this. Our New York Discrimination Law firm is particularly sensitive to issues of race and will handle your case in the fervent and aggressive manner it deserves.

Religious & National Origin Discrimination Attorneys

Federal, State, and local laws prohibit any religious-based and national origin bias. In addition to being prohibited from discriminating against an individual as a result of his or her religion, employers are also required to provide reasonable accommodations for any religious practices. Under the law, religious beliefs and practices are very broadly defined, and employers are required to make sure an employee’s sincere beliefs can be observed so long as it does not cause undue hardship for the employer’s business. For instance, if an employee has to leave early on certain days for religious observance, in general, an employer has to permit that employee to leave early, and an employer may not retaliate against that employee for requesting or taking this accommodation. Further, national identity is often tied to religious customs and traditions that also must be respected in the workplace at all times. Our reasonable accommodation lawyer understands the fine points necessary to bring a successful religious and national origin claim regarding these concerns.

Sexual Orientation or Gender Discrimination Attorneys

Similar to racial or religious bias, an employer may not discriminate against an employee on the basis of gender or sexual orientation. Employers can be held accountable for unequal treatment of their employees based on their gender, orientation, or an employee's perceived gender or orientation. Employers can also be held liable for creating a hostile work environment or permitting employees to perpetuate negative stereotypes based on a person’s gender or orientation. While federal law does not explicitly prohibit sexual bias, New York State and City laws afford special protections regarding these concerns. Our retaliation lawyers in New York City will aggressively fight to have you compensated if you are the target of such concerns.

Pregnancy Discrimination Lawyer

A pregnancy discrimination lawyer specializes in protecting the rights of pregnant employees at the workplace. They advocate against workplace bias, ensuring fair treatment and adherence to legal protections during pregnancy and childbirth.

Age Discrimination Lawyers

Employers may not make hiring, firing, or promotion decisions based on an employee’s age. This nefarious type of bias often happens to some of the most vulnerable individuals who have worked for years for a company. Federal, State, and Local laws prohibit this type of conduct, and the Employment Discrimination Lawyer at Cohen & Fitch LLP will not stop until your job is reinstated or you are compensated for every dollar you would have been entitled to if you were not unjustly terminated or passed over for promotions.

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Understanding the interplay between Federal, State, and Local laws is important to bringing a successful employment discrimination claim. Our discrimination attorneys have practiced in both Federal and state courts and are fully familiar with EEOC and local agency requirements. We will fight aggressively to get you the compensation you deserve and stand up to your BAD BOSS. Call us to get a free consultation at 212-BAD-BOSS (212-232-2677).

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