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No employee should work in an environment that’s so toxic they dread going to work every day. Hostile work environments exist when an employer or a fellow employee engages in or tolerates any type of pervasive discriminatory or sexually offensive physical and/or verbal actions.

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Hostile work environment cases are often in the context of sexual harassment. Employers who engage in or allow their employees to create a culture of sexual indecency can be liable for sexual harassment.

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Any workplace that allows sexually suggestive remarks, displays graphic pictures, permits offensive touching, frequently tolerates off-color jokes, or anything else that would make it uncomfortable for a reasonable person to come to work can be liable for creating a hostile work environment. While isolated incidents are generally not enough to substantiate a hostile work environment claim against the employer, it is important to speak to an experienced attorney who can evaluate whether what seems like isolated incidents are actually a pattern of behavior for a hostile work environment claim.

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A hostile work environment discrimination claim also can exist when your employer either engages in or tolerates bigoted, racial, and discriminatory acts and displays in the office. Whether these offensive remarks and gestures are directed at a particular race, gender, or at someone because of their age or their disability, such hostile work environments are illegal.

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