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Being charged with a crime is a very scary experience. No matter the circumstance – whether you are falsely accused, you were justified in your actions, or you simply made a mistake – you need attorneys who are willing to fight back and can craft a defense to prevent you from getting a criminal record, or worse, jail. At Cohen & Fitch LLP we have had great success in getting our clients out of trouble. We have been able to get hundreds of criminal cases completely dismissed or resolved without having to spend a single night in jail. Each case is different but our determination to fight is always the same. We fight until you have the best deal or you are exonerated completely.

Driving Under The Influence (DWI/DUI)

DUI/DWI arrests are very common and often involve very serious collateral consequences. You can lose your driver’s license or your car. The interplay between the DMV and the criminal court system is confusing but at Cohen & Fitch, LLP we have had success in making sure or clients can keep their drivers licenses for as long as possible and have assisted clients in getting conditional licenses so they can continue to drive to work while their criminal case is pending. We also know how to fight these cases by using the police officer’s paperwork and testing procedures against them. Just because you have been arrested for driving under influence it does not mean you have to be convicted of this offense. You need experienced attorneys who know the system and how to prevent you from being trampled by it.

New York Criminal Defense Attorneys

Domestic Violence/Assault

Assault cases come in many forms, but by far the most common are the ones that start in the home. These cases often come with accompanying family court or divorce proceedings where one spouse is using the criminal justice system as leverage in another action. The motivations to make false charges or exaggerate what happened are all too common in these matters. At Cohen & Fitch LLP, we know how to get to the bottom of any type of he said/she said situation and present that to the District Attorney and the Court for favorable resolution or dismissal.

Drug Crimes

The war on drugs still rages on in New York City, even while other states are relaxing their enforcement with some drugs. Police are constantly executing search warrants, conducting buy and bust operations, and even going after doctors who prescribe painkillers too liberally. We know how to fight these cases, whether you have been charged with selling drugs or merely possessing them, at Cohen & Fitch, LLP we attack every step of the process. We make sure that your arrest was supported by probable cause and the seizure of the evidence was lawful.

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You want criminal defense attorneys who know the system and can fight for your freedom at every step of the way. At Cohen & Fitch, LLP we will relentlessly seek to get you out of whatever mess you are in. Call us today for a free consultation.

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