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Fear is the number one reason people fail to report employer misconduct. Victims of abusive and hostile work environments fear that they will not be believed, that they will lose their job, or worse, that their careers will be ruined. Thankfully there are various laws that prevent employers from retaliating against those who make a complaint. These laws give employees a separate cause of action for retaliation to go after offending employers who continue their abusive behavior after a complaint has been filed. Retaliation claims allow victims another avenue to seek damages caused by the unlawful behaviors of their employers.

How do you know if you have a retaliation claim?

If an employee is terminated, demoted, or passed over for a promotion shortly after they have complained of employer’s misconduct then a separate claim for retaliation can be asserted against the employer. There are overt acts of retaliation such as loss of wages, transfers, termination, unwarranted discipline, and false claims of poor performance. These are easier to spot and can be used to build a strong case. However, some employers retaliate in less obvious ways, but still make an employee’s life at work horrific. An experienced attorney can identify these subtle acts of retaliation and build a case by gathering evidence to later be used at trial.

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You want a lawyer who will fight back against a BAD BOSS who retaliates against an employee who simply exercising his or her rights. At Cohen & Fitch we have helped employees recover for lost wages, wages they would have received had they not missed a raise or promotion due to retaliation, job reinstatement if terminated, payment for mental anguish if the discriminatory acts were damaging, and money for attorneys’ fees. It’s worth filing a claim if you’re suffering retaliation for speaking against abusive employers. Cohen & Fitch, LLP will aggressively and passionately help you fight your BAD BOSS. Call 212-BAD-BOSS today for a free initial case consultation.

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