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Apart from Cohen & Fitch LLP’s own litigation practice, our trial attorneys have significant experience in dealing with both the Federal & State courts throughout New York City. In particular, while the City of New York and Police Department frequently boast an exceptional success rate against the plaintiff’s bar, Cohen & Fitch LLP has obtained numerous plaintiff’s verdicts against them time and again. All of these situations were handled with little or no offer of a settlement being made by the defendants. As a result, other attorney’s have also requested the assistance of our lawyers here at Cohen & Fitch LLP as expert trial counsel in their own legal matters. That alone speaks volumes to our level of legal expertise and the respect we have garnered in the legal world.

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At Cohen & Fitch, we have the best attorneys equipped with the knowledge and resources to deal with any type of appellate law case. Our lawyers possess decades of experience in representing cases pertaining to civil rights, criminal offenses, and appellate law. Our firm is renowned and holds a well-respected position throughout the legal community when it comes to fighting for the rights of our clients. If you are looking for an attorney that will fight for your appeal in any courtroom, get in touch with our legal experts today at (212) BAD-BOSS.

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