Facing Criminal Charges? Get Legal Help from a Criminal Defense Attorney in NYC.

December 28, 2020

Whether you or your loved one was wrongfully convicted for a crime or you made a mistake and now facing criminal charges, you will need the assistance of a criminal defense attorney in NYC who can fight for you. Criminal defense lawyers provide invaluable legal assistance when an individual faces criminal charges. If you are not properly aware of your rights, you may be looking at a long sentence in prison. Therefore, it is best to find a criminal defense law firm and consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney in NYC who can guide you throughout the legal proceedings to get the best results. Your criminal defense lawyer will be equipped with all the resources needed to build a strong defense case.

How can a criminal defense attorney in NYC help you?

Getting legal help from a criminal defense attorney early in the criminal matter can significantly help your case. Your attorney will help you organize and present the evidence in a way that can help you negotiate for a reduced sentence or alternative charges. They are well-trained in organizing and presenting the facts in a manner that best supports a winning legal theory. They will carefully analyze all the case factors to figure out the best defense option for you and get the best outcome. They will assist you in negotiating a plea deal if that’s the right option for you. Remember, having a defense attorney can get you a better outcome against criminal charges than not having one.

Legal criminal cases can be very complicated, and hiring the right criminal defense law firm can make all the difference between winning or losing your case. Therefore, it is better to have an experienced criminal defense attorney of NYC on your side when your freedom is at risk. Cohen & Fitch is a New York-based criminal defense law firm with a professional and talented criminal defense team. Our criminal defense lawyers will try their best to get your sentence reduced or get the charges dropped for a conviction of a potential crime. Hiring our experienced criminal defense attorney can significantly improve your chances of winning or obtaining a favorable plea bargain.

If you live in New York and need help from a criminal defense attorney in NYC, contact Cohen & Fitch LLP for assistance. Call 212-374-9115 to schedule a consultation today!