Why Finding The Right Malicious Prosecution Attorneys In Manhattan Can Be A Real Game Changer!

October 7, 2019

Most people will never have to deal with fear or horrifying reality that they may be tried and/or convicted for a crime that they know they didn’t commit. If you ever find yourself in this situation however, having the right NYC Malicious Prosecution Lawyers on your side is essential. Are you in a situation that requires you to seek experienced legal counsel? Are you unaware of what your options are and how you can approach seeking the justice that you deserve? If so, you’ll want to keep reading. We hope the information provided below can help you or a loved one fight back against the injustices that come with any type of Wrongful Malicious Prosecution case.

Did You Know?

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your case, finding the right Malicious Prosecution Attorneys in Manhattan is always in your best interest. You need a defense team by your side that will leave no stone unturned when it comes to helping you get the justice you deserve. According to a news story reported on by Prison Legal News, “A Washington state federal jury awarded $500,000 to the plaintiff in a civil rights action that alleged malicious prosecution. The suit was brought by Brian Wiederspohn against two Whatcom County Sheriff deputies.

The deputies, Jeremy Freeman, and Trevor Vanderveen went to Wiederspohn’s residence on December 28, 2004, around 8:15 PM to serve an at-risk youth warrant for the arrest of Lenell Standford. As the deputies entered the home, Wiederspohn blocked the entrance, telling them truthfully he did not know Standford; Wiederspohn knew him as Ryan. The deputies persisted in entering the house, saying they did not need a search warrant.”

Imagine the terror involved in knowing that you are innocent of a crime you’re being accused of, your rights have been violated, and you have no idea about what you can do. This is why having an experienced team of attorneys on your side like Cohen & Fitch LLP is so important!

Keep This In Mind…

Finding qualified and experienced NYC Malicious Prosecution Lawyers can be the difference between your case actually being won or lost in a court of law. It’s as simple as that. You should never put your life in the hands of an attorney who doesn’t have a proven track record of success in fighting against any of the wrongful claims levied against you. No one deserves to have false charges levied against them, and when someone has been wrongfully charged with a crime, they are always entitled to seek justice. Don’t allow yourself to suffer in silence. Make sure that you hire an experienced Law Firm like the experts here at Cohen & Fitch LLP today!

Don’t Allow The Legal System To Take Advantage Of You!

Cases involving government officials who refuse to admit to any wrong-doings and whose attorneys seek to silence your claims are oftentimes very hard to handle. Cohen & Fitch LLP has over a decade of experience standing up to any police and/or other government agencies. We will not be intimidated or waiver in our commitment to helping you receive the justice that you deserve. Our track record in fighting against any malicious prosecution claims gives our clients an unparalleled edge in handling these cases that other attorneys simply cannot match. When it comes to seeking justice in these situations, timing is of the essence. Act now and call the legal experts here at Cohen & Fitch LLP today for a free case evaluation.