When To Call An Experienced Retaliation Lawyer In New York!

January 8, 2020

Standing up for your rights against an employer can be difficult. Especially if your employer retaliates against you. They try to silence victims, and make claims go away but you should know that you have the right to file a legal claim for retaliation. Our experienced retaliation lawyers in New York at Cohen & Fitch LLP are here to advise you and defend your rights in court. You depend on your employer for your livelihood, and sometimes employers will try to use that to their advantage to keep their employees from taking legal actions for when you try to file a complaint against them.

Know Your Rights!

Federal and state employment laws recognize that your employers are in positions of powers and can retaliate against their employees who complain. These laws are put into place to recognize the importance of eliminating any type of discrimination in the workplace, as well as improper practices an employer might inflict upon their employees. It is for this reason that as an employee you should be aware of your rights, and seek a retaliation lawyer with experience that can help you build your case to ensure that your rights are protected and you aren’t on the receiving end of unfair treatment from your employer.

As an employee you’re entitled to engage in protected actions to oppose any type of discrimination in the workplace. If it is followed by any adverse action taken by your employer. Such as firing, demotion, denying pay raises, and benefits and so forth. Then you are within your rights to file a claim. When actions such as this are overt, then there can often be documentation involved and we recommend our clients to collect any evidence and documentation that can be used to build their cases.

New York City has strict anti-retaliation laws. New York City’s Human Rights Act recognizes that sometimes the employer might not retaliate in an overt manner, their retaliation could be done in more subtle manners. The Human Rights Act forbids retaliation in any manner from an employer.

Don’t Let Yourself Get Taken Advantage Of!

An experienced retaliation lawyer in New York City is your answer to winning your case. They can explain all of the laws and options for you and your case. When discrimination or harassment is involved in the workplace and is affecting you or your loved ones, emoployees can be given strong protections. Do not let yourself become a victim, call Cohen & Fitch LLP today at 212-374-9115 and let us know how our team can help you get the justice you so rightfully deserve.