Struggling in a Hostile Work Environment? Here’s What You Need to Do.

October 14, 2020

In a perfect world, every employee wants a positive and healthy work environment. But unfortunately, everything doesn’t work the way an individual thinks. Although the work environment has become open and welcoming, many workers are still struggling with a hostile work environment. In such situations, you not only feel uncomfortable but also struggle to be productive.

Hostile work environments affect you physically and mentally. You always feel stressed and are threatened at work. You hate working and everything in the workplace. You don’t say anything because of family responsibilities. Don’t be a victim of your present circumstances, and stay silent. Sue your employer or the organization with the help of Hostile Work Environment Lawyers in NY and get fair compensation for your loss.

What comprises a hostile work environment?

Hostile work environments include unwelcome conduct or lewd comments passed based on race, gender, religion, disability, sexual orientation, and age. These things interfere with job performance and turn the healthy environment into an offending one.

Anyone at a workplace can make the workplace hostile for the employee. These individuals could be the client, vendor, contractor, coworker, or even the employer. At times those who themselves have been a victim of such situations behave in the same way towards others, resulting in a hostile work environment. Such individuals don’t harass a single person, but almost the entire workforce.

What is not a hostile work environment?

It is vital to distinguish between a hostile and non-hostile work environment. If you have a lot of work pressure or something’s stressing or annoying you at work as an individual, it cannot be considered as a hostile environment. Personal conflicts and disagreements are not part of a hostile workplace. The following situations can be considered as hostile behavior:

  • Interference in the victim’s work.
  • Something the employee was aware of and did not address to halt it.

We spend most of the time at work and expect that it is safe and healthy. Don’t suffer just because it isn’t your fault. It is you who has to fight for himself or herself. Staying silent or ignoring the situations would make it worse, so hand over the responsibility to New York City Hostile Work Environment Lawyers at Cohen & Fitch. We have a team of highly-qualified and experienced lawyers who will fight for your rights and get you justice.