When To Call For A Sexual Harassment Lawyer In New York City!

February 4, 2020

Sexual harassment can appear different to everyone. It can be something as subtle as a remark that creates a hostile work environment, to even outright sexual advances. Sexual harassment is a serious issue and can vary from individual to individual. Employees of New York are protected from sexual harassment by federal and state laws. If you believe you’ve been a victim of sexual harassment, then you should get in contact with one of our sexual harassment lawyers in New York at Cohen & Fitch LLP; they are here to stand up for your rights.

Examples of Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is severe and can happen anywhere, by anyone. It is why it should be taken very seriously, whether it is between co-workers, a manager, or a vendor, contractor, or client. The creation of a hostile work environment that impedes the success of an employee or their performance is classified as unlawful sexual harassment.

Inappropriate advances, such as unwanted verbal or physical behavior can create an uncomfortable work environment and can be categorized as sexual harassment. Here are some examples of sexual harassment to be aware of:

  • Suggestive emails, notes, or letters.
  • Discussing sexual material and making lew jokes
  • Inappropriate sexual advances or gestures
  • Exchanging inappropriate videos or pictures such as pornography among co-workers
  • Asking invasive questions about an employee’s sexual orientation, or other sexual related questions
  • Making offensive comments about an employee’s gender identity or sexual orientation
  • Conducting in contact with another person such as pinching, touching patting, brushing up against, or rubbing them.

If, at any point, the actions or words of someone carry a sexual connotation and that creates an uncomfortable work environment for an employee, then this is considered sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is a serious matter. It is why if you’ve experienced it, you need to get in touch with the leading sexual harassment law firm in NY. At Cohen & Fitch, our attorneys are familiar with state laws regarding sexual harassment and will work tirelessly to fight for your rights.

Sexual Harassment Can Happen To Anyone

Sexual harassment doesn’t only happen to women; male employees can face sexual harassment too. Employees can cand themselves harassed by a manager, a co-worker, or a client of the opposite or same-sex. An employee could be a victim of sexual harassment, whether he or she is directly harassed or is exposed to conduct in the workplace that they find offensive even if the subject was not demoted or discharged or directly affected. As a result, their sexual harassment claim is still valid if it interfered with their work or led to an uncomfortable work environment.

Don’t Let Yourself Get Taken Advantage Of!

At Cohen & Fitch LLP, we understand that being a victim of sexual harassment is a terrible ordeal. An experienced sexual harassment lawyer is the right solution to help win your case. They will go over in detail all of your options and make sure that you get the justice you seek. When sexual harassment is involved in the workplace, it can seriously hinder your success at work, and you are entitled to protection. Do not let yourself become a victim, call Cohen & Fitch LLP today at 212-374-9115 and let our team help you get the justice you rightfully deserve.