How to Protect Yourself from Sexual Harassment at the Workplace?

April 28, 2021

If your co-worker, employer, or even a client makes sexual advances towards you and makes you feel uncomfortable despite your objection, it is considered sexual harassment. Sexual harassment in the workplace is considered illegal as per the US federal laws, and legal action can be taken against such behavior. So, if the harasser does not stop their behavior even after your repeated warnings, you may want to file a sexual harassment claim against them to protect yourself. Federal laws are in place to protect employees from sexual harassment in the workplace. It is recommended to consult with an experienced Sexual Harassment Attorney in New York to determine whether you should consider filing a legal claim.

Following are a few ways to protect yourself from sexual harassment at work:

  • Say “No”

If your harasser repeatedly makes sexual jokes, touches you inappropriately, or sends you inappropriate emails with sexual innuendos, the first thing you should do is confront them and say “No” to their behavior. It is crucial to express your objection against their harassment to meet the required criteria for filing a lawsuit. If their behavior does not change or becomes worse, you should consider reporting them. Also, make sure to save any evidence of their harassment, such as messages or emails, etc., so you can take legal action later if needed.

  • File a complaint with the company authorities

If your harasser has become even more hostile and starts finding new ways to continue the harassment, it is best to immediately take action. Make sure to file an official written complaint against the harasser with your company’s HR manager and keep a copy of the complaint since you would need it to meet the legal requirements for filing a sexual harassment lawsuit.

  • Keep a journal and collect evidence

Many times your employer or HR Manager may take strict action against the harasser. In that case, you might not need to take any further legal action. However, if that proves ineffective against the harasser, you may have to file a legal complaint with a government agency before proceeding with filing a legal lawsuit. So, make sure to keep a journal of the events and collect as much evidence as you can against the harasser. It is best to consult with your Sexual Harassment Attorney in Brooklyn, NY, regarding which evidence you might need to collect.

  • Filing sexual harassment lawsuit

You would need to file an official complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) before you can proceed with filing a sexual harassment lawsuit. So, you might want to hire a sexual harassment attorney in Brooklyn, NY, to guide you throughout the legal process.

If you are a victim of sexual harassment in the workplace and want to take legal action to protect yourself, our experienced sexual harassment attorney in New York can help you. Our experienced attorneys at Cohen & Fitch LLP would guide you regarding the proper procedure and assist you at every step to ensure you get the justice you deserve.

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