Here Are False Imprisonment Scenarios You Should Be Aware Of

September 22, 2020

Freedom is an individual’s birthright. Everyone has the right to live life on their own terms and don’t want anyone’s intrusion. However, there are times when we encounter situations where the other person intentionally restricts our movements against our will. This is a situation of false imprisonment, and we feel helpless under such situations. Such heinous acts are performed by the police authorities, someone you know. The following are the common examples of such a situation:

  • Police officer arresting someone without any warrant.
  • Spouse locking his significant other at places such as the bathroom and basement.
  • Someone locked you in the basement without getting your approval.

You just have to report the entire situation to the false imprisonment attorney who will understand the ins and outs of the case and leave no stone unturned in helping you get justice.

Depending on the severity of the crime, these acts are considered felony or misdemeanor. After committing this cruel act, the party at fault will be imprisoned for one year or have to pay a hefty penalty. In case the person is found guilty and charged with a felony, the culprit will be behind bars for three years.

What is kidnapping?

The kidnapping case is almost similar to false imprisonment. Kidnapping cases are more severe than false imprisonment. In the kidnapping, a person is moved by force or without, and this act is performed to fulfill one’s selfish purpose.
If someone has kidnapped an individual and has locked them in the basement simultaneously, both these acts are charged additionally by law. No one can save the criminal from the clutches of the law. Victims must consult false arrest lawyers in such situations.

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is another part of this crime. In this act, an individual is not allowed to exercise his liberty in an intent to obtain forced labor or services from harm. Countries have implemented strict laws in such matters, and the culprit has to pay the penalty, and life imprisonment is sentenced to him.

What to do in case of wrongful imprisonment?

You don’t have to deal with wrongful imprisonment as getting into it was not your fault. Such situations can make you traumatized and affect your future in the long run. Don’t be a victim of your present situation, and no one has the right to snatch your rights as an individual. Give the responsibility of getting you justice that you deserve to the false imprisonment attorneys. Handling legal matters on your own will be a time-consuming and tedious process for you. Those who commit these acts must get the punishment of the wrongdoings.