When Hiring A Gender Discrimination Attorney Don’t Settle For Anything But The Best in Brooklyn For Discrimination Law!

November 19, 2019

Our team of gender discrimination attorneys at Cohen & Fitch LLP will represent anyone, be it employees, students, or groups of employees that have been discriminated against in the workplace or at their school, or in any public setting because of their gender. Everyone, should be subject to the same policies that are extended to all of their peers and superiors are not allowed to make decisions based on harmful stereotypes, or assumptions about your ability to perform a job or task solely on the basis of your gender. If you’re in Brooklyn or any of the surrounding neighborhoods in New York and you or a loved one has faced any sort of gender discrimination, our team of expert attorneys at Cohen & Fitch LLP are here to help you.

Did You Know?

Gender discrimination can be a complex area of the law, and that you should consult with New York City discrimination attorneys if you feel that you are being mistreated because of your gender. Gender is being redefined day by day, and so it is imperative that you know the different forms of which gender discrimination can occur so you can provide the evidence to your attorney when building your case.

Disparate Treatment: This is when someone is treated differently because of gender.

Disparate Impact: This is when a policy at work, school, or other places policies exclude or affect people based on the basis of their gender, even if it is unintentional.

Hostile Work Environment: This occurs when misconduct interferes with an individual’s work performance and can result in creating an intimidating, or offensive environment.

Cohen & Fitch LLP are the leading discrimination attorneys in Brooklyn and throughout all of New York. With years of experience in representing victims of gender discrimination cases, our attorneys are equipped to deal with your case and know the ins and outs of the laws to make sure that you receive the justice that you seek.

Don’t Let Yourself Get Taken Advantage Of!

Cases involving gender discrimination whether it took place at work, or at school, or any other public setting have attorneys that will try their best to silence a claim brought against them by victims. At Cohen & Fitch LLP we have over a decade of experience in standing up against unfair employers or institutions that try to silence our clients and the hardships they have faced. With years of experience, we have worked on a wide variety of cases and claims dealing with discrimination. If you’ve been a victim of gender discrimination in Brooklyn, or anywhere else throughout New York, the law firm of Cohen & Fitch LLP wants to help you. Do not allow yourself to become another victim, get in touch with one of our top gender discrimination attorneys in Brooklyn today.