Finding Experienced Malicious Prosecution Lawyers in Manhattan

September 20, 2019

For most people the idea of being wrongfully prosecuted for a crime would be inconceivable. Having to stand to defend against a prosecution is difficult enough when you know your freedom and innocence is on the line. Being maliciously prosecuted by officials or falsely arrested isn’t usually a simple mistake. It can be an excruciating process for anyone going through it, it can be a burden financially while you incur costs having to go to trial, not to mention some are wrongfully jailed during the whole ordeal without bail during the process. Have you been wrongfully prosecuted? If you or a loved one was maliciously prosecuted in Manhattan by a government official, or police officer, our team of expert attorneys at Cohen & Fitch LLP are here to help you.

Did You Know?

Malicious prosecution claims can be more complex than a false arrest, it is very important that you understand your rights when pursuing any form of restitution for your cases. Malicious prosecution is a civil rights claim that is recognized under federal and state law for any individuals who have been wrongfully prosecuted based on false allegations. Malicious prosecution can also occur when officers attempt to cover up, conceal or manipulate evidence in order to make a charge stick against an innocent person. Malicious prosecution and false arrest are not the same. Usually in cases of malicious prosecution even if an officer had probable cause to arrest you, you cannot be charged if there is insufficient cause to believe that you can be successfully prosecuted.


If you or a loved one feel that you’ve been maliciously prosecuted, you should not take it lightly. You have the right to seek justice for any of the charges brought against you. You should be able to obtain dismissal or acquittal for some or all of the charges, although it may not be necessary to defeat every single charge.

Face The Facts

You will have a better chance of winning your case if you have a highly trained malicious prosecution attorney defending you in court in Manhattan. A public defender or even trying to represent yourself can pose a huge risk against you. Even with all the preparation to go up against a court in Manhattan can be extremely difficult.

Don’t Let Yourself Get Taken Advantage Of!

Cases that usually involve government officials who refuse to admit to any wrong-doing and their attorneys seek to silence your claims. Cohen & Fitch LLP has had over a decade in experience standing up those agencies and officers. Our attorneys here will not be intimidated as we commit ourselves to seeking the justice that you deserve. We have years of experience working with police departments and court systems in a wide variety of cases and claims. If you’ve been the victim of malicious prosecution in Manhattan then our attorneys at the Law Firm of Cohen & Fitch LLP will be here to help you. Do not allow yourself to fall victim, get a hold of the best malicious prosecution attorneys in Manhattan today.