An Experienced Age Discrimination Attorney in New York Shouldn’t Be Difficult To Find!

November 6, 2019

You never think that at work you could be discriminated against because of your age. Although it seems that as a society we have progressed, sadly in the workplace things like age discrimination are still occurring. Innocent people are being discriminated against, or being passed over for jobs or let go from jobs simply because of their age. The attorneys here at Cohen & Fitch LLP are very familiar with New York’s, state, local, and federal laws for all forms of discrimination, especially age discrimination. Our trusted team is your go-to discrimination law firm in New York for all of your age discrimination case needs.

Did You Know?

According to the EEOC age discrimination involves treating an applicant or an employee less favorably because of their age. This usually applies to people who are aged 40 or older. Age discrimination isn’t just an isolated incident that can take place between an employee and employer, it can occur between employees and a failed attempt to stop age discrimination within the workplace by an employer. It is important that you know and compile as much evidence as possible to submit to your attorney so they can build a case for you. Cohen & Fitch will make sure your case is handled with the sensitivity and passion that it deserves.

We understand that filing paperwork may be confusing or time consuming for our clients, which is why our expert team will be there every step of the way to help you in building your case so that you get the justice you deserve. Finding an age discrimination attorney in Queens shouldn’t be an impossible task, you deserve to have an attorney who will fight for your rights.

Keep In Mind…

Having an expert age discrimination attorney can make or break your case. Never settle for an attorney that won’t fight for your rights, and work tirelessly for your desired results. Cohen & Fitch have a proven track record of success and are considered to be ranked above the rest for their work as age discrimination lawyers in Queens, and surrounding neighborhoods of New York. They will work tirelessly to fight for your rights and make sure that justice served. There is a chance you are not the only one suffering from discrimination. Don’t suffer in silence, hiring an expert age discrimination lawyer in New York will make sure that you or no one else has to suffer at the hands of an unfair employer.

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It is important to remember that understanding the federal, state, and local laws for age discrimination are important when you are filing a successful discrimination claim. Our attorneys have practiced both federal and state courts, and are very knowledgeable with EEOC and the local agency requirements. We are dedicated to getting you the compensation and justice that you deserve. Stand up to your employer, and call us today at Cohen & Fitch LLP to get a free consultation today at 212-374-9115.